Wine: O.P. Pinot Noir DOC
Name: GJ504b "Pink Planet"
Alcoholic content: 11.5-12.5% by vol. (depending on vintage)
Grape variety: 100% Pinot Noir
Geographic location: First and second hill slopes Oltrepò Pavese (across Po river from Pavia) in the San Damiano al Colle, Montu` Beccaria and Montecalvo Versiggia districts.
Vineyard characteristics: Soil derived from disintegration of arenaria and calcareous rocks with a high clay component, located at 280-350 meters (918-1148 feet) a. s. l.. Traditional Gujot and spurred cordon cultivation methods.
Vineyard age: 10-35 years
Vinification: Soft squeeze of grapes, with immediate separation from skins. The must, which is of a natural pink colour, varying in intensity depending on the vintage, undergoes discoloration by a process of hyper-oxygenation. The resulting must is placed in steel vats at a controlled temperature of 14-20 degrees Celsius (57-68 Fahrenheit) for about 15-20 days, where the alcoholic fermentation takes place. Subsequently, the wine undergoes several changes of container, reaching a maturation process in steel tanks for about two months. After this, the wine is placed in autoclaves where it undergoes re-fermentation (spumantizzazione). After the re-fermentation (about 3-4 months) the wine is bottled, where it will refine for about 30-40 days, before going on the market.
Organoleptic characteristics: Characteristic pale pink colour. Aroma is intense, complex, with floral notes and very fruity with aromas of apple, pear, banana and cherry. Taste is soft (characteristic of extra dry), elegant and well structured. Body is well evident and aroma is lingering.
Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius (46 Fahrenheit)
Gastronomic accompaniment: Excellent with a starter (antipasto), delicious throughout the entire meal, particularly good with fish. Good with white meats, cheeses. Perfect with pizza.
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