Wine: Sangue di Giuda O.P. DOC, tappo raso (flat head cork)
Name: Sangue Di Giuda
Alcoholic content: 7% by vol.
Grape variety: 60% Croatina, 15% Uva Rara, 25% Barbera. Grape blend grown and harvested together.
Geographic location: First hill slopes Oltrep├▓ Pavese (across Po river from Pavia) in the Canneto Pavese, Mont├╣ Beccaria and San Damiano Al Colle districts.
Vineyard characteristics: Soil derived from disintegration of arenaria and calcareous rocks with a clay component, located at 220-280 meters (721-918 feet) a. s. l.. Traditional Gujot and spurred coron cultivation methods.
Vineyard age: 10-35 years
Vinification: primary fermentation and maturation in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The must obtained from the red vinification of the grapes, is filtrated and placed in steel vats, where the primary fermentation begins according to the Martinotti method (the primary fermentation occurs in an enclosed environment, at a reduced pressure and a controlled temperature of 14-20 degrees Celsius, or 57-68 Fahrenheit) for about 15-20 days. Subsequently the resulting wine is filtered and bottled, then left to refine for 25-30 days.
Organoleptic characteristics: Characteristic ruby red colour with purple tones. The intense and fresh aroma brings to mind fruit preserves. Immediate vinous sensations are followed by notes of red fruits, cherry, raspberry and wild berries. To the taste, sweet and velvety, naturally sparkling. Lingering aroma.
Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius (46 Fahrenheit)
Gastronomic accompaniment: Ideal at the end of every meal, particularly with fruit tarts.
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