Wine: O.P. Barbera DOC
Name: Barbera Fermo "La Desiderata"
Alcoholic content: 12-13% by vol. (depending on vintage)
Grape variety: 85% Barbera, 15% Croatina
Geographic location: First hill slopes Oltrepò Pavese (across Po river from Pavia) in the San Damiano al Colle, Montu` Beccaria and Rovescala districts.
Vineyard characteristics: Soil derived from disintegration of arenaria and calcareous rocks with a high clay component, located at 220-280 meters (721-918 feet) a. s. l.. Traditional Gujot and spurred cordon cultivation methods.
Vineyard age: 4-35 years
Vinification: fermentation with maceration over the skins in steel vats, at a controlled temperature of 28-30 degrees Celsius (82-86 Fahrenheit) for 10-12 days. Following the drawing off, the product is placed in part (about 30%) in French oak barrels (barriques), 225 liters (59 gallons) each for refinement for 3-4 months. The barrels are 40% new, 30% second usage, 30% third usage. After this period, the wine is left in steel tanks for an additional 2 months.
Organoleptic characteristics: Intense ruby red colour, vinous and fruity fragrance (blackberry). Pleasantly tannic and very vinous to the taste. Intense aroma
Serving temperature: 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 Fahrenheit)
Gastronomic accompaniment: Red and white meats, game, well-seasoned main courses, mature cheeses.
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