Una terra selezionata dà solo buoni frutti

The Vanzini estate comprises of 23 hectares of vineyards, to which the grapes of around 30 subcontracted producers are added. The districts from which the Vanzini wines are obtained are San Damiano al Colle, Montù Beccaria and Canneto Pavese. The external suppliers own land in Montecalvo Versiggia, Santa Maria Della Versa, Volpara, Rovescala, Torazza Coste and the surrounding area of Casteggio.

The aim of the Vanzini family is to select the most suitable soils in order to produce wines which can achieve the best expression of that soil, according to typology. Therefore, before work can begin in the vineyards or the winery, careful analysis and study are carried out . The final results become not only an interpretation of the’ terroir’ but also a contribution towards maintaining and improving its good reputation.

The results of this dedication to high-quality winemaking are; Bonarda, Moscato, Barbera, Pinot nero (vinified in white), Sangue di Giuda, Pinot grigio, Riesling, Pinot nero (red), the Martinotti method Spumante and Barbaleone, whose grape selection of Barbera and Croatina is interpreted both in its name and labeling.